This domain is for sale

The domain was applied for by numerous interested parties as early as 2005 during the sunrise phase. It was finally allocated to the portuguese airline known as Portugália Companhia Portuguesa de Transportes Aereos SAA, or abbreviated as PGA.

Other applicants, such as the Professional Golfers Association, or PGA for short, were not considered for the allocation of the domain because certain requirements for the allocation were not met, the necessary applications were submitted incompletely, or the documents, some of which were extensive, were not received by the registration authority in time or at all.

In 2008, the domain was acquired and projected by the current owner, Frankcom IT. It has been used exclusively for advertising purposes of the websites Goldmü and operated by this company. In this context, the abbreviation PGA stood for the term  "Professionelle Geld Anlage" in englisch: "Professional Money Investment". The domain contributed significantly to the success of the operated websites.

In the meantime, the advertised websites have established themselves. Several thousand visitors daily have made further advertising measures superfluous. Therefore, the domain has become dispensable. The owner is therefore willing to sell the domain at fair conditions.

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